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Maximize renewable energy with our cutting-edge BESS solutions. Huijue's lithium battery-powered storage offers top performance. Suitable for grids, commercial, & industrial use, our systems integrate seamlessly & optimize renewables. High-density, long-life, & smartly managed, they boost grid stability, energy efficiency, & reduce fossil fuel reliance. Tailored lithium battery solutions drive sustainable growth.


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New energy photovoltaic micro-site project

New energy photovoltaic micro-site project

The photovoltaic canopy of our project incorporates cadmium telluride solar panels, renowned for their exceptional sensitivity to low light conditions. This fea ...

Integrated Optical Storage and Charging Power Station – Advancing

Integrated Optical Storage and Charging Power Station – Advancing

Our state-owned power supply enterprise has embarked on a pioneering journey with the successful implementation of an innovative integrated optical storage and ...

Common Q&A

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  • 01

    What is the product shipping form?

    ALL-IN ONE, or the battery clusters are shipped separately. Regular containers are shipped as a whole.

  • 02

    What are the advantages of container energy storage compared to other companies?

    1. 20 years professional energy storage design and integration capabilities. 2. R&D, design and debugging professional technical team 3.Group corporate structure,Stable revenue capacity of 100 million, sufficient investment in R&D and technology funds 4.Complete QC, QMSystem, fast delivery capability.

  • 03

    Certification requirements

    1.PCS Certification requirements 2.Battery certification requirements 3.Container system certification, refrigeration, fire protection.

  • 04

    After-sales warranty

    1.After-sales: At present, our company provides technical remote joint debugging and support. If construction and installation costs are indeed required, they need to be discussed separately. We can also outsource and provide a third party. 2.Warranty time: case by case, cabinets 3-5years.

  • 05

    Agency and localization

    1.Global Recruitment Agencies: Exclusive and Non-Exclusive 2.In the Middle East, there is a local sales team in the United States and a branch in Singapore.